CFS Projects

Donations to Cambodia Family Support help to fund projects aimed at sustaining families and communities for the long term.

Our Project Leader, Dr Samnang visits villages across the province to assess their needs and the financial or other support required to make significant, beneficial changes to their livelihoods.

Every village is different. Some need basic infrastructure like water or sanitation, while others have major social problems, requiring people rather than pumps.



In villages where there are no schools or access to schools, we help set up centres in cooperation with the Department of Education.  Children are taught basic literacy and numeracy.



Community Action

We train and work with community leaders and local government officials. We help villagers to form self-help groups (community action groups). This leads to more sustainable development.



Income generation

We help families start a small family business so they can support themselves and allow their children to attend school.  We give them a small amount of capital to get started. Options include animal raising, fish farming, market garden, bicycle repair shop or a food shop... all on a small scale.


Animal Bank

Animals – mainly cows, but also pigs and goats – are made available to individual families or through village self-help groups. Index animals belong to CFS and are 'loaned'. Villagers keep offspring but must pass along one or more offspring to other villagers.


Water & Sanitation

We help villagers install latrines, dig wells and ponds, install simple pumps, provide rainwater jugs and drinking water filters. This leads to improvements in health and well-being. 



CFS works in schools with teachers and students to raise awareness about domestic violence, safe migration (anti-trafficking), mental and physical health, good sanitation and hygiene.  We also provide latrines, hand-washing facilities and potable water at schools.



We work with community networks supporting victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. Most often these are children and women.


Pailin Family Centre

This pilot project recently opened in Pailin City. It provides short-term respite and care for poor rural women and children in crisis situations, for example, victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, trafficking and those who require urgent medical care. The Centre is operating with the full support and cooperation of relevant government ministries.