The people in Cambodia’s northwest are desperately trying to rebuild their community.



The brutal regime of the Khmer Rouge left many scars, including serious poverty. Poor families are vulnerable to the threat of human trafficking across the nearby Thai border.

It’s why our community-led program needs your help.

Your donation will greatly assist in rebuilding and sustaining families and small villages.Together, we can help them break the cycle of poverty once and for all.




Q: How much of my donation goes to Cambodia?

A: We have minimal operating costs, so 97% of your tax-deductible donation will go to work for the people who need it.

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Q: Will my donation really make a difference?

A: Yes it will. Our community-led projects help each village to help themselves through projects aimed at long-term health and viability.

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Q: Are you a legitimate organisation?

A: We certainly are. We’ve been a registered non-profit organisation in Cambodia since 2008.

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Our annual fundraising event was a success!


Thank you to all those who participated in our annual Helping Hand Auction and fundraiser held 19th October in Perth.  All funds raised during the event is matched by Macquarie Foundation.


Event complete

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The poorest people in a poor country

The International Monetary Fund has described Battambang province as comprising ‘greater than 75% poor’, the highest index of poverty for the country of Cambodia. 


Dr. Samnang’s story

Cambodian Doctor and Director of our Program, Dr. Samnang Eng, is committed to his people and their struggling community. His own story is as sad as it is inspiring, and we are grateful for his leadership in north-western Cambodia.